Welcome to the website for Steven A Norris MD, a family owned practice.

Dr. Norris is a Neurologist in Bradenton Florida.

Contact Information:

Steven A Norris MD PA

3978 Manatee Ave East

Bradenton Florida 34208

Phone: (941) 761-9797

Fax: (941) 747-6560

Dr. Norris has been in practice for over 20 years and has won numerous awards for excellence including Patient Choice Awards on several occasions.  He never rushes patients out of the office, throws pills at problems or orders unnecessary tests. What he will do is try to find the underlying problem, and educate patients and give them the tools they need to solve their own problems.

In addition to passing the Neurology and Psychiatry board examination, Dr. Norris is also board certified in Pain Management. However he never prescribes narcotic medications.  His background also includes training in surgery including Trauma surgery.